Working hours of the parking lot: 00:00 – 24:00
Phone: +371 67324508
E-mail: info@europark.lv


This automated video parking control system is one of the latest technological solutions in Europe. for parking in Europe that has been operating in Norway and five other northern European countries. It has been successfully operating in Norway and in five other Western European countries. By using the leading optical registration number recognition solution, the videosystem registers each car entering the parking garage and the precies period of parking. Before exit please remember check parking time in one of the pay-machines and make payment, if it’s neccessary.


1. For registered customers in self-service mans.europark.lv 3 h free of charge per day, by summing all entrances together.

2. For non-registered customers - 2 h free of charge per day, by summing all entrances together.

3. After the free period according to the tariff rate. 

4. Additional free time may be granted by Olimpia tenants HairRiga, Forauto and MyFitness – for more information ask service provider.

*Calendar day from 00:00 till 24:00. If the parking lot is used repeatedly during the same day (during the day the vehicle has been driven into and out of the parking area several times) then the period of free use is calculated by adding the time spent during each time of use of the parking lot.


1. Payment for the use of parking lot must be made in one of the three pay-machines before exit from the parking lot.

2. You can make payment  in self-service portal mans.europark.lv during 48 h after exiting of parking lot.

3. You can register bank card in self-service portal mans.europark.lv for automated payment for use of parking lot.

4. If payment is not made at the pay-machine, for receiving invoice to e-mail, please write to gramatvediba@europark.lv

5. If the payment will not be made, the invoice will be sent by post. In this case, there will be addition fee for transaction processing and invoice delivery: EUR 4.50. THIS IS NOT PENALTY BUT POSTPAY INVOICE.


Payment period: Mon. - Sun. 00 - 24
For 24 h*: 15.00 €
Minimum payment: 5.00 €
Payment step: 5.00 €

View the Rules of Use of the Car Park:


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Āzenes 5,
Rīga, LV-1048
Phone: + 371 67 065 602
E-mail: info@olimpia.lv
Working hours:
Olimpia 10:00 – 21:00
RIMI 9:00 – 22:00
Čili Pica 9:00 – 22:00
I-IV 6:30-22:00
V 06:30-21:00
VI-VII 09:00-21:00
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