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Smartpost parcel terminal is a convenient parcel delivery solution based on its working principle.


Tas ir jo īpaši ērts brīžos, kad vairākiem cilvēkiem vienlaicīgi ir nepieciešams saņemt paciņu – izmantojot Smartpost, nav jāgaida rindā uz piekļuvi centrālajam monitoram, lai atvērtu vajadzīgo nodalījumu.

It becomes especially convenient when several people needs to receive their parcels at the same time without waiting in line for access to central monitor to be able to open the desired compartment.

Smartpost parcel terminals for receiving shipments are displayed in the places conviennently accessible for Customers, for example, in shops and shopping centers. Smartpost locations are open for the same time as the business at the location.

Smartpost terminals are always located inside premises; it prevents packages from outside temperature fluctuations that could harm the quality of package content (if it is too cold, hot or humid).

If you have ordered goods that are particularly sensitive towards environmental aspects (cosmetics, food supplements, photography products, electronics, contact lenses etc.) – delivery by Smartpost is smart and right choice.

Smartpost – how it works?

Each Smartpost compartment has a separate lock that allows by entering PIN code to open it and receive or send a parcel of the respective size. The unique PIN code and compartment number are sent by text message / e-mail to the consignee after placing the package in the Smartpost terminal.

Smartpost terminal is simple and easy to use, while configuration capabilities allow to install terminal in locations with varying complexity still remaining to be easy accessible to its users. The simple user manual is located on the door of the Smartpost compartment.

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